All projects vary to some degree, yet the most frequent questions from all clients are:

How long will it take?
How much will it cost?

The answer is: it really does depend on the individual project. Unfortunately, a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t do your project justice. All necessary information will be outlined in the quote.

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So how does it all work? Here are 10 simple steps to a great end result.

Step 1 Get in touch to discuss your project. The first and most important step to decide
the tone and truly understand what you want.
Email, call, or Skype me: it doesn’t get any easier than this.

Step 2 I’ll take a closer look at your documents or online content
and decide if we’re a good fit. Remember: you don’t want just anyone.

Step 3 If we are, you’ll receive a quote with a proposed deadline, project fee,
together with my terms and conditions.

Step 4 The crossroads: you accept the quote, we both sign it – making it a binding contract
or you reject it and we go our separate ways. No hard feelings.

Step 5 Time to relax. Have a glass of wine, work on another project, or simply unwind
while I get down to producing exactly what you need.

Step 6 I carry out the relevant research, ponder the correct tone and style of the translation,
translate, either send the document to a second native proofreader
or take a step back and do some fine-tuning. Et voilà, the first stage is over.*

Step 7 D-Day is here. Take a look at the end product. Take a day off. Read it again.

Step 8 Come back to me with any questions regarding content*.
What’s important is that we both get across what you want to say: it’s no one-way road.

Step 9 Sign off on the final version.
You’re ready to go online or publish your material!

Step 10 Receive invoice and proceed to payment in line with terms and conditions.

* The detailed procedure is outlined in the initial offer as all projects vary to some degree.
* I’m happy to discuss some linguistic choices and I will add an explanation where the new version is significantly different from the original.

What my clients receive when they hire my services

A professional who has travelled and lived extensively in Italy, Germany, and Portugal.
Nothing is lost in translation. Your original meaning is seamlessly adapted to the English culture. No faux pas, just the right kind of impression
A reliable partner who has trained to become a qualified translator and knows the ins and outs of the profession, its pitfalls and how to avoid them.
A project which effectively conveys your intent and has the desired effect on its readers
Well-polished English texts which reflect the original cultural and linguistic nuances.
Readers won’t waste time on understanding Globish or gibberish: what you get is what you see.

So you see, travelling and communication not only run in the family – I’ve worked hard to ensure all my clients also benefit from their investment in top-notch services.

You can trust me. I get what you’re trying to say… it’s as though we’re speaking the same language.