The time has finally come to share your ideas and projects with the rest of the world.

In another language. You are ready to go: all you need is someone to lend their voice or translation skills to your words.

You could listen to me tell you why collaborating is a good choice for your business but, honestly, I just don’t like talking about myself that much.

After all, it’s all about you.

How about you read my client testimonials?

This is what some of them have to say about our collaboration.

‘The attached Reader’s note says the article ‘is well translated’. I am extremely happy about the comment and would like to reiterate my heartfelt thanks for your work!’

Dr Gabrielli
Free University of Bolzano

‘Benjamin Barclay organised the interpreting for our 2017 LEAG Global Summit. What an excellent service! He consulted us before the event, hired the equipment, and interpreted at the meeting, too. We are happy to recommend his work and vouch for his high quality and professionalism.’

Luiz Cazarré
Executive Director, LEAG Local Expert Agency Group

‘Benjamin has been working with us for nearly five years. He has always been committed and a true professional, never missing a deadline and delivering high-quality, meticulous translations. Moreover, he is flexible and has always been willing to go the extra mile: not always a given in the industry, thus becoming our valuable partner.’

LSP in northern Italy

‘The UEA President and the Board hereby express their esteem for the quality of Mr Barclay’s interpreting, especially considering the very technical language used during the meetings with university professors, insurance company representatives, and brokers.
Overall, we are very satisfied with his understanding of the content and choice of words.
We also appreciated his flexibility and good manners shown towards participants and institutional speakers present at the event.’

Ms Diana Pastarini
Communication and External Affairs, UEA Italian Association of Insurance Agents

‘Your texts are always great: one of these days I am going to hire you to work exclusively for me!’

Rita-Soares Alves
Founder of Wedwings

‘Dear Ben,
Now that I am back in Brazil, I would like to thank you once again for being with us and having opened the debate about the film to more people with your excellent interpretation.
Besides being professional, you are also easy to get along with and a pleasant person.’

Adalberto Piotto
Brazilian journalist and director

My typical clients

  • Professional Conference Organisers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Audiovisual Companies
  • Hotels
  • Tourism Offices and Departments
  • Municipalities
  • National and International Institutions
  • LSPs
  • Universities
  • PR, Communication, and Marketing agencies

Send me an email or give me a call to discuss your translation and interpreting needs in Lisbon, Europe, and the rest of the world for English, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Need other languages? I’m more than happy to refer you to some of my trusted colleagues.

Translation services

Get your Italian, German, and Portuguese projects translated into English to reach the largest possible number of potential clients and readers. Drop me a line now for an effective, punctual, and friendly service.

Which documents can you send me?

Websites / Online content

Reports / Research papers

Brochures / Catalogues

Magazines / Articles

Newsletters / Press releases / Statements

Social media

Why me?

Your projects deserve the best translator for the job: sometimes, that won’t be me. If a project can truly sparkle with the help of someone else, I’ll refer you to them instead.

However, when we both agree to a collaboration, you know things are about to get good. Subject knowledge, punctuality, clear English that will bring your texts to life, flexibility, and a friendly service are just a click away.

Your projects will read like an original text. A great translation isn’t just about words. I rewrite your text for the target audience: same message, style, tone, and intent using different words. The right ones.

Make the most of 10 years of experience translating your texts about:


Creative marketing


What if you need proofreading, editing, and copywriting services? You can still rely on me to help you out thanks to a tight-knit network of reliable colleagues I work with.

Interpreting services

Book me now for conferences in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal, Europe and the rest of the world: I’ll work between Italian and English or from German and Portuguese into Italian or English and ensure your message doesn’t get lost in translation. If you want to increase your company’s ROI or guarantee your thoughts and ideas are conveyed effectively and efficiently, get in touch now!

Which events can you hire me for?

Business meetings and bilateral talks

Political summits

Conferences, conventions, congresses, trade fairs

Kick-off weeks

Factory visits

Training sessions, workshops, and seminars

Live, radio, and televised interviews

Why me?

Integrity, high quality, and professionalism come first. I am bound by the Code of Ethics of national and professional associations and only accept assignments I’m confident I can do by always preparing and researching a new topic: reading industry literature, preparing in-depth glossaries, listening to past interviews with speakers is part and parcel of the job. Hire a conference interpreter, not someone who just parrots every word they hear.

Navigate the choppy waters between two or more cultures and avoid misunderstandings or cultural clangers. English and Italian are the cultures and languages I grew up in from the cradle, and the language pair I interpret the most, as well as working from German and Portuguese.*

Access a global market spanning a good 17 countries. German and Portuguese are the official languages of that many countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, and South East Asia. Sometimes, all you need to gain a foothold or understand a market is speak their language. And now you do.

While conference interpreters don’t always specialise in a topic, as we’re called to work on a number of different themes, I’ve mostly interpreted in the following areas:

Politics - EU

Trade unions – EWCs - Labour issues



Does your event require more than one language?

Can’t find a reliable technical and audiovisual equipment provider? Get in touch for a one-stop shop to all your needs. I’ll be more than happy to help set up a team of colleagues in Portugal or the rest of the world!

Languages normally covered:


About Me

Now you know why we should work together and what services I can provide: get in touch to get the ball rolling.

As for who you’ll be working with…

Hi, I’m Benjamin, a native bilingual English-Italian translator and conference interpreter. I grew up between South Tyrol, in northern Italy, and northern England. I was lucky enough to learn German from an early age and have kept studying it (and loving it) to this very day; Portuguese came later but is now an integral part of my life – from a language I picked up at university to my first choice for everyday errands and conversations, as I am based and live in Lisbon.

I work between English and Italian as well as from German and Portuguese, and have been doing so for nearly 10 years. My love for languages and everything communication was nurtured during my trilingual education, and finally honed into a tool clients rely on for their business by attending the SSLMIT, the prestigious Translation and Interpreting Faculty of the University of Trieste, where I received my BA in Translation and Interpreting, followed by my MA in Conference Interpreting from London Metropolitan University.

Having a knack for languages and a degree (or two) in one’s pocket can certainly contribute to becoming a true professional, but they’re not the be-all and end-all. Coupled with passion for one’s work, hard grit, dedication, and striving to always improve oneself may just do the trick. That’s why I’m a member of several professional associations and also take part in CPD events every year, as seen below.

Professional Associations

Associate Member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting),

Member of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters)

Member of APIC (Portuguese Conference Interpreter’s Association),

Member of APTRAD (Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters)

Continuing Professional Development


  • The Leeds English-Italian practice week for conference interpreters to hone simultaneous and consecutive skills
  • AIIC UK & Ireland’s workshop on ‘branding for interpreters’, London
  • AIIC Italia’s ‘Interpreters for Interpreters’ workshop on new interpreting technologies and the Middle East, Rome
  • AIIC UK & Ireland’s workshop on ‘branding for interpreters’
  • Dolbarcamp, an unconference for interpreters, Regensburg


  • The Leeds English-Italian practice week for conference interpreters to hone simultaneous and consecutive skills
  • AIIC Italia workshops on: football interpreting, new technologies, professional ethics, and hearing aids, Florence and Milan
  • Dolbarcamp, an unconference for interpreters, Karlsruhe


  • WISE Brussels
  • The Leeds English-Italian practice week for conference interpreters to hone simultaneous and consecutive skills


  • WISE Brussels
  • The ITI Conference, Newcastle
  • The Translation and Localization Conference, Warsaw
  • An introduction to copywriting, The Guardian, London


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